Actinovate Lawn & Garden Fungicide (20 grams) - PFM1000

Actinovate Lawn & Garden Fungicide (20 grams)
Tomato Pruning and Tomato Diseases

Tomato Pruning and Tomato Diseases

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Control Root and Foliar Disease Naturally

Actinovate for Lawn & Garden contains a high concentration of a patented beneficial microorganism. When applied, the Actinovate microbe grows on the plant’s roots and leaves, living off the plant’s by-products while at the same time attacking harmful disease causing pathogens. This natural product effectively suppresses & controls a wide range of foliar and root diseases.

  • Controls soil diseases such as root rot (Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, turf brownpatch (Rhizoctonia) and turf dollarspot (Sclerotinia)
  • When foliar sprayed, controls powdery mildew and grey mold (Botrytis)
  • Active ingredient is Streptomyces Iydicus WYEC 108* at 0.0371%

Important Information for Certified Organic Growers

We do our best to update our product's organic status, however the status of any product can change at anytime without notice from the manufacturer. Please confirm that the product is allowed by your certifying agency and that it's still OMRI Listed® at

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