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Add-It Proportioning Fertilizer Injector (1.5 Quart size) - WMX201



Organic Fertilizer & Fertigation

Organic Fertilizer & Fertigation

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Designed for home and garden use. Easy to operate for either drip and sub-surface irrigation or with sprinkler systems. Injects fertilizer at a consistent, predetermined ratio of 200:1, 200 parts water to 1 part fertilizer. Minimum pressure of 10 PSI is required. Backflow device must be installed before the injector and a filter is recommended when injecting fertilizers into drip irrigation. Injector does not need a by-pass as running water through the empty unit will not harm it. Pint and quart sizes use hose threads.

Pint and quart sizes use hose threads. 2 GPH minimum flow rate. 75 gallons of water must go through the unit to empty the injector. Larger sizes available.

Please note that these are plastic, and should not be installed in direct sunlight. If you want to install it in an area with direct sunlight, cover it with a towel or other fabric.

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