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Chapin Drip Tape - 5 Mil, 8" emitter spacing (12000 ft Roll) - IRP405

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Replacement for T-Tape. Good for 1 season.

Drip tape must be used on low water pressure (approx 10 PSI), achieved by installing a pressure regulator (IRH820 or IRH821). The absolute max operating pressure for 5 mil is 13 PSI. At 10 PSI, this drip tape distributes 40 gallons per hour (GPH) per 100'. Every 2000' of drip tape requires a filter (IRF175 or IRF410) and a pressure regulator.

Features and Specifications

- Multiple Inlet Orifices ensure a continuous water flow to each dripper.

- Turbulent Flow Path design provides larger internal dimensions offering higher resistance to clogging.

- Engineered extruded high quality polyethylene film ensures round sides providing higher resistance to insect bites and field abrasion.

- Off center outlets restricts water movement along the tape and ensures each drop falls to the soil.

- Slit design outlet will prevent root intrusion and soil ingestion.

- Longer flow path ensures true drip flow – no squirts.

- A low emitter exponent will ensure less flow and pressure variation on steep slopes to help increase emission uniformity.

- Lower winding tension to ensure less retraction in the field and avoid kinking and snaking during installation.

-Drip tape must be used on low water pressure (5-15 PSI), achieved by installing a pressure regulator. At 10 PSI, this drip tape distributes 40 gallons per hour (GPH) per 100'. Every 2000' of drip tape requires a filter and a pressure regulator.

Unlike other tapes, Chapin Tape has a unique extruded film profile with extra strength and thickness where it is needed most: the rounded tape edges that increase resistance to abrasion and insect damage.

The 5/8” size BTF model features multiple inlet filters.

All Chapin turbulent flow paths have larger internal dimensions, providing

extraordinary resistance to clogging.

In addition, carefully controlled lower tension winding on the reels results in easier installation thanks to less retraction, kinking and snaking in the field.

With decades of proven performance, a wide variety of flow rates, wall thicknesses and outlet spacings, Chapin Tape provides consistently outstanding performance – premium performance for the most demanding applications.

  • Item Model Number: IRP405
  • Shipping Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 10 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 75 pounds

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