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Apiguard® Gel 50g (10 pack) - HB134

Beehive Varroa Mite Control

Beehive Varroa Mite Control

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Apiguard® is a natural treatment to control varroa mite populations in honeybee colonies. A boon for beekeeping.

Apiguard® is a sophisticated, patented, slow-release gel that ensures correct dosage of its active ingredient, thymol. Thymol is a naturally occurring substance derived from the herb thyme.

Tests show that Apiguard® also helps to control tracheal mites / Acarine and chalkbrood.

Seven reasons to use Apiguard®:

Natural product
Very easy to apply
High efficiency against three types of hive pest: varroa mites, trachael mites / Acarine and chalkbrood
Use against varroa mites resistant to pyrethroids
No withdrawal time
No risk to users
Ideal in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs

How to use Apiguard® in the hive:

Apiguard® is extremely easy to use:

Apiguard® gel comes in 10 50g ready-to-use aluminium trays (two will treat one standard colony).

*Place the opened tray face upwards in the top of brood frames, preferably centred over the colony.
*After 10 days examine the tray and if it is almost empty, replace with a second tray. If there is product left in the tray after 10 days leave until day 14 and then replace.
*Leave the second tray in position for a further 2-4 weeks and treatment has been completed (duration of treatment therefore lasts 4-6 weeks).
*Apiguard® works best in temperatures above 15°C. But it is also effective at lower temperatures even though the gel takes longer to evaporate and the gel needs to be left I place for longer.

When to use Apiguard®:

Begin treatment in summer, right after the honey flow and harvesting. For opitmal results, be sure the bees are active and daytime high temperatures are between 60F and 105F.

What makes Apiguard® effective:

Once in place, vapor from the Apiguard® gel is given off. Unlike some other formulations and raw crystals, the release from the gel works steadily and does not disturb the bees unduly.

Worker bees climb into the Apiguard® tray, remove the gel as a hive-cleaning behaviour and distribute it throughout the colony. The gel sticks to the bees’ body hairs and, as the bees move through the hive, particles are left throughout the hive. The worker eventually throws out the gel it is carrying, but the traces remain until they too are removed later.

Apiguard® trials in more than 600 honeybee colonies in 10 countries across Europe, the Middle East and North America have shown it to be a very effective, easy-to-use treatment. Under normal conditions it gives an average efficacy of 93%. Often the control levels are higher and sometimes a little lower.


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