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Art of the Chicken Coop - BO109

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Keeping chickens -- even for city dwellers -- is a trend that just keeps on growing.

With this book, today's modern farmer will find plans, step-by-step photos, and construction techniques for making seven very different coops.

The coops have distinctive designs and a range of footprints. Some have wheels, some have attached runs.

* Sunny Side Up (easy access nest box)

* Chicken Condo (multi-level coop with a small footprint)

* Simply Salvaged (rustic board-and-batten siding on this 3-level)

* Rustic Sophistication (fish scale shingles and a front porch for Victorian class)

* Little Big Barn (low design to create easy access for children)

* Gypsy Hen Caravan (whimsical nomadic coop on wheels)

* How the Chicken Crossed the Road (movable coop on wheels that makes cleanup easy)

Farm-raised and established author, Chris Gleason's hip eye for design, combined with sound woodworking techniques; make the coops both attractive and sturdy. Practical information such as how to properly size a coop and how to source reclaimed materials is included.

More info in 13 pages of additional coop ideas, and 7 pages showing you how to build coop runs.

Don't miss the author's "tour de coop" where he visits coops from other backyard farmers to find out why they keep chickens and what lessons they have to share with others.

Add in fun chicken facts, and great recipes for all those eggs!

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