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Asparagus Farmer's Favorite UC 157 (Bundle of 13) - FV205

Planting and Growing Asparagus

Planting and Growing Asparagus

Fall Perennial Vegetable Care

Fall Perennial Vegetable Care

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“Farmer’s Favorite”

UC157 Asparagus officinalis

Hybrid of M120 & F109

(NOT Genetically Modified)

Developed at UC Riverside. Known for very high yield, useful variety that is suitable to growth in warmer areas with mild winters. Smooth green spears, tight tipped, non stringy. The plant has tall feathery, graceful stems. Plants may take up to 2-3 years to come to full production but can bear for 15-20 years.

Disease resistant. Open pollinated.

Harvest March to June.

Mature height is 4-5 ft with a 1-3 ft spread.

Zones 4-10

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