Baby Blanket Sprouting Mat 10" x 20" (4/pk) - GP3030



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Baby Blanket is a felted grass material that holds moisture around the roots for more even growing conditions. It provides a method of growing soil type sprouts without the mess of soil and without the difficulty of getting good safe organic soil. The 10" x 20" size fits a standard greenhouse tray, such as our gp360.

Use it for wheat, Kamut, rye, millet, oat, and barley grass, as well as buckwheat, sunflower and pea shoots. It's also great for mucilaginous seeds like arugula, flax and cress.

If desired, the blankets can be reused at least 4-5 times. After use, they need to be dried and then most of the roots can be removed by rubbing. They should then be sterilized with boiling water or a household bleach solution. When they are no longer reusable, they are compostable.


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