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Bat Guano Hi N 9-3-1 (2 Lb Box) - F012

Fertilizing Fruit Trees

Fertilizing Fruit Trees

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Fast-acting, natural source of soluble nutrients, high in nitrogen or phosphorus. Use on soil at 5 lb/100 sq ft or 300-500 lb/acre. Use it as a foliar spray or injectable solution by preparing a guano tea: steep 3-5 lb in 5-10 gal of water for 1-2 days. Strain, dilute to 2-4 Tbs/gal of water and spray on plants. Tea can be used in fertigation and drip systems, if filtered. Note: Also see Seabird Guano. Caution: Excess application of high Nitrogen guano may burn your plants.

  • Item Model Number: F012
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