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Wine Grape Vines

Wine Grape Vines

Grow some wine grapes and make your own wine!

Wine grapes have small berry-like fruit with seeds. The flavor and color of wine is derived primarily from the skins. The best locations for planting grape vines are on slopes with good drainage and poor fertility. Select a variety based on your climate and the type of wine desired. Find out if there are any vineyards in your area and what varieties they grow. If they're having success with a specific variety you probably will as well. Keep in mind that each vine yields an average of one gallon of wine, but plant extra to make up for fruit loss from birds and other causes. Our vines are 1–year plants, self–rooted from cuttings, number 1 grade with about 8 inches of top growth. Sold by individual bare root vine.

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  1. USDA Zone: 11
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Plant Quantity
  1. Single Plant (2)
Planting Time
  1. Spring (2)
  2. Winter (2)
Approximate Harvest Time
  1. Late Summer (2)
Time to Fruit Production
  1. 2-3 Years (2)
Fruit is Good For
  1. Fresh Eating (1)
  2. Dehydrating (1)
  3. Wine (2)
  4. Jam/Jelly (1)
Growth Habit
  1. Vining (1)
  1. Thornless (2)
  2. Open-Pollinated (2)