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Bird-B-Gone Diverters (5 pack) - PBR155

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Bird-B-Gone Diverters are visual deterrents used to scare pest birds away from trees, patios, gardens, and more.

When birds see the “mock” predator eye and shiny reflective surface, they will be frightened and confused, and want to avoid the area.

Bird-B-Gone Diverters are meant for outdoor use, and are ideal for keeping pest birds away from:

♦ Trees
♦ Patios
♦ Sides of homes
♦ Boats

Bird-B-Gone Diverters are effective for both small and large pest birds.

The mock predator eye and shiny reflective surface work together appealing to birds’ visual sense. When birds see spots treated with these items, they will want to avoid the area. Diverters are easy to use, and store away.:

♦ Effective for small and large pest birds
♦ Foil Eye Scares Pest Birds Away
♦ Durable, Rugged Plastic Pest Bird Deterrent
♦ Easy to hang in problem areas

Diverters should be installed right in front of and around the problem area. Hang the diverters using twine, string or rope. Use at least 3 foot lengths when hanging on side of home. Alternate the lengths and space the diverters about 2 to 3 feet apart when hanging from eave areas. Diverters can also be hung in trees, masts, spreaders, balcony covers, gazebos, and more.


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