Bug Blaster Spray Nozzle - GSD5000

Getting Rid of Aphids

Getting Rid of Aphids



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It's all in the angle! The 360 degree angle this time.

The Bug Blaster creats a 360 degree flat spray annihilating insects and their eggs from the undersides and tops of leaves. Use it to blast full-pressure water into the center of plants, where insects hide. Yet it's gentle enough not to harm plants or beneficial insects.

Fatally traumatizes soft body insects as well as cleans spider webs, dust, dirt, and sooty mold.

Whether you're a veteran gardener or a weekend warrior THE BUG BLASTER™offers a safe and effective non-toxic control for your garden pests. Imagine cleansing your green treasures with H2O. This garden sprayer combats aphids, whiteflies, mealy bugs, spider mites and more.


  • Item Model Number: GSD5000
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