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California Master Gardener Handbook - BF490

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A Comprehensive Gardening Resource

Edited by Dennis R. Pittenger

The California Master Gardener Program is a volunteer program by which the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) extends research-based information in home horticulture and pest management to the citizens of California. This handbook was developed to provide a statewide resource manual for Master Gardeners for use during and after the formal training program.

Written for the reader with no prior knowledge of home horticulture and pest management, it is one of the most comprehensive resources available to California gardeners motivated to be independent problem solvers. Note, while accepts conventional pesticides and fertilizers, remains an excellent overview.

  • Soil, fertilizer and water management
  • Plant propagation and pathology
  • Pest and weed science
  • Diagnosing plant problems
  • Much more information enclosed

Softcover. 702 pages. University of California Ag and Natural Resources 2002.

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