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City Chicks - BO107

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Raising Chickens

Raising Chickens

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Keeping micro-flocks of laying hens as garden helpers, compost makers, bio-recyclers and local food suppliers.

Nationally known poultry authority, Pat Foreman, prepared this comprehensive guide for the backyard chicken keeper.

Chickens have become the mascot of the local food movement. A desire for sustainable, clean wholesome food and superior soil quality has led more and more suburban and city dwellers to keep laying hens in their backyards and gardens. Across America municipalities are allowing, and even encouraging residents to keep laying hens within city limits.

Learn how you can:

Have fresh eggs daily from your own flock

Employ your flock as garden workers, organic pest solutions, and soil enhancers.

Save millions of dollars by diverting food and yard waste from landfills.

Draft and pass local laws allowing laying hens in your city limits.

....and more!

Softcover. 459 Pages. Good Earth Publications Inc. 2010

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