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Coco Peat (1/3 Cu Ft Brick) - PSO110



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Excellent alternative to the depletion of peat bogs. Made from a renewable resource (coconut coir or husk fiber), Coco Peat lasts 3 times longer than peat, has superior disease resistance, nutrient storage and water retention (it holds 8-9 times its weight in water). pH range is 5.7-6.8. Organic and biodegradable, it has been extensively tested as a plant growth medium. Used in greenhouse and bedding plant production, on golf courses, in landscaping and erosion control. Bales are compressed 1:5 and expand to a fluffy, dark brown, great-smelling peat when warm water is added. Short fiber, ground/milled. Sizes shown below are volumes after expansion.

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Customer Reviews

Great product

I used this coco peat to plant blueberries in pots. The coco peat comes in a small pkg, and expands with water. I used one package per large pot to plant the blueberries and mixed it 1 to 1 with Dr Earth Acid Lovers Planting Mix. The plants look happy and am excited to be able to grow blueberries on my deck!

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excellent soil amendment

I have used coconut fiber to mix with potting soil, about 3 or 4 parts potting soil to 1 part coco fiber, and it helps water retention and it keeps the soil loose and not compacted. Another advantage is that when I water with a hose, the water penetrates. The mix with coco fiber does not form a water-repelling crust that many soil amendments do. I've used this for only one season so I cannot report on any long term benefits, but so far, I am very happy using coco fiber as a soil amendment.

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Great medium for blueberries

I recently potted up some blueberries with Happy Frog Potting soil mixed with coco peat. It makes a great potting medium for blueberries which are shallow rooted and require regular watering. The coco peat helps the pot retain the moisture. It is an excellent product.

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