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Compostar Compost Inoculant (Oz) - ICO200

Compostar Compost Inoculant (Oz)
Composting 101—Making Compost in Composting Bins and Compost Piles

Composting 101—Making Compost in Composting Bins and Compost Piles

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One of the Best Compost Inoculants Available

Developed by a world renowned microbiologist, this inoculant contains multiple strains of aerobic bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, and other beneficial microbes. Suitable for composting straw, wood chips, food waste, manures and other green matter.

  • Can handle a carbon to nitrogen ratio of up to 50
  • Use 2-3 oz of dry inoculant per ton (1-2 yd) of composting material
  • Pre-blend into a liquid, mix 2 oz. Compostar with 2 quarts of water (do not use chlorinated water). Let stand for 2-48 hours. After allowing mix to stand, add mix to 1-2 gallons of water.
  • Complete instructions can be found under the details tab

Preparing Compost: Starting C:N ratio should not exceed 50:1. When working with high C:N materials, add materials with a low C:N ratio, such as fresh green material or manures. It is best to shred or cut the materials into small sized particles. Moisture within the pile should range between 45-65%.

Apply the liquefied Compostar uniformly with the organic wastes to be composted. Place the mixed materials into piles or windrows in a covered area to protect from rain (or cover with a breathable fabric). Ideal height of the pile or windrow is between 60-84”.

Check pile temperature every few days and when the temperature begins to fall, turn the pile and remoisten with water if necessary. Composting process should take about 4 weeks to finish depending on particle size, C:N ratio of raw materials, moisture and aeration.

Caution: If eye contact should occur, wash with plenty of water. Avoid breathing mist. Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children.

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