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Compstio Kitchen Composter

Finished Compost Every Two Weeks

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Item Number: GCO700


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In Stock! Ships directly from the manufacturer.


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Compstio Kitchen Composter C40 is the easy way to make "finished" compost inside your kitchen! Basically, add waste items any time, any day (vegetables, coffee grounds -- even dairy, meat, or fish). Compstio Kitchen Composter C40 does the rest. The upper chamber mixes, heats, and aerates. Compost later transfers to the lower chamber, so you can add fresh items. Remove "finished" compost fertilizer. Empty every 2 weeks, when the tray is full.

Two chamber design: So clean and easy, you can even compost indoors. Add food at any time into the upper chamber. Heat, mixing, and oxygen help the natural cultures break down the food within days - before odors develop. Push a button to transfer to the tray below. It will continue to compost there for another week, while you fill the upper chamber again. Remove the tray at your convenience.

No worms, bugs, or trash odors: Natural compost cultures consume the food quickly, without trash odors. They produce a mild aroma like sourdough bread, mushrooms, or straw. Balance the compost by adding sawdust pellets to increase "brown" content, and baking soda to reduce acidity (both are included). An air pump draws air into the machine and out through a powerful air filter.

Use the composter anywhere: Fits inside any standard cabinet. Keep it in the kitchen, a garage, or laundry room. Use it indoors or outdoors, even in the snow, rain, or freezing temperatures. Keep the power supply dry with an weatherproof power outlet.

Endless supply of compost: Empty the cure tray when when it is full. You can expect about 1.5 gallons (6L) of finished compost every two weeks, depending on your actual usage. Seventy percent of the initial food disappears into thin air, as the cultures convert it into water that evaporates. What's left is a concentrated compost fertilizer. It's ready for use outdoors, or leave it in a bucket until you are ready to use it.

  • 4 gallon (15 L) weekly capacity: ideal for a typical family of 4-5 people
  • Double reinforced, metal motor gears to help grind food more efficiently and internal release mechanism for jams
  • Control panel with 3 power settings: High, Medium, and Low
  • Material-energy efficient APPRO which keeps the heat in the unit, helping the compost break down faster
  • Fresh Compost every two weeks
  • Automatic mixing, heating, and air flow
  • Fully assembled, ready to use –includes power supply, 1 box of baking soda, and 5.5 pounds of pellets to get you started with
  • Hot composting process which accepts meat, fish, and diary
  • Two chamber system: add food any time to the upper chamber and then when full transfer to the lower chamber and start over again. The lower chamber keeps curing.
  • Internal Components food grade metal that will not rust
  • Produces fresh compost every other week depending on usage
  • Internal Temperature:100-140°F, depending on usage and settings
  • External Temperature: use in any location 0-120°F
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 20 inches and 22 pounds
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Comes with a quick guide, food guide, and instructions to get you started off right out of the box


  • Made from Recycled Materials


Color Black
Color Black

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