Cucumber Beetle Trap Kit (Pack of 2) - PIT384

Growing Cucumbers

Growing Cucumbers

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Labeled for use against: Striped Cucumber Beetle (Acalymma vittatum), Spotted Cucumber Beetle (Diabrotica u. howardii), Western Striped Cucumber Beetle (Diabrotica u. undecimpunctata, Western Spotted Cucumber Beetle (Acalymma trivittatum) species. DO NOT USE FOR Banded Cucumber Beetle (Diabrotica balteata).

Adults, about 1/3 inch long, start eating crops early in the season. Eggs laid at the base of plants hatch larvae that feed on roots. Up to 3 generations per year.

Damage: Serious damage to smooth skin cucurbits, melons, grasses, corn, and legumes. Tender succulent portions of plants, including flowers, can be totally destroyed. Larvae can kill young plants by eating the roots.

Kit Use: Hang trap with lure attached beside or just above crop rows from a cord strung between garden stakes. Adults are attracted to the trap, land and die. Larvae are best removed by hand at night with a flashlight by very carefully removing soil from around roots and picking the larvae off. Carefully replace soil.

Note: If you do not find adults on the traps it is unlikely larvae are eating roots.


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