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Peaceful Valley Customer Service

When you shop with us, be assured that each product has been reviewed by our staff. We know you want quality, so we scrutinized every product in this catalog to ensure that it meets our high standards. We are committed to excellent customer service. Below you will find our policies.

If we can be of help, please call us at (888) 784-1722 or by email helpdesk@groworganic.com.

Katie - Customer Service

Catalog and Website Pricing

Although we do our best to maintain published prices for an entire catalog term, product prices and bulk seed increments may change without notice. If you find a lower price from a brick and mortar store on our products, kindly provide us proof within 30 days of purchase and we will gladly match it, beat it, or refund you the difference. This offer applies to identical products and excludes misprints, liquidation sales or floor model display model sales.

Despite our best efforts, a small number of items in our catalogs or website may be mis-printed or mis-priced. We reserve the right to correct any such mis-prints or mis-prices. If the correct price of an item sold by Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply is higher than the stated price and you do not not agree to pay the correct price, we will cancel your order, notify you of such cancellation and refund any prices you may have already paid.

Return Policy

Damaged, Missing or Defective Goods

If something arrives damaged, defective, dead or missing, please contact us IMMEDIATELY. If an item is missing from your shipment be sure to check the package thoroughly as small products can often be hidden in packing material. Also remember that many shipments are in multiple boxes and can become separated in shipping.

Balance or Refund Due (Only applies to orders paid by check)

If your invoice shows a balance due, you have underpaid us (using prices from an old catalog for example) and we trust that you will send the balance due as soon as possible. If there is a large balance due, we will always contact you before shipping, but we will not hold up an order which has a small amount owing.

If you overpaid us and/or we are unable supply an item you ordered (an example being if the item is seasonal and sold out for the year) and you paid by check, we will automatically mail you a refund check within 2 to 3 weeks. If your refund is less than $10, we will carry this small credit on your account until your next order, unless you have instructed us otherwise.

General Return Policy

  • Special orders, drop-shipped items, custom mixes, custom cuts (i.e. greenhouse poly, shade cloth...etc.), live plants, nursery stock, bargain items, broken bags and beneficial insects are not returnable or refundable under any circumstances.
  • It is also important to note that PVF&GS does not offer a satisfaction guarantee. Accordingly, we do not accept returns of items that were used as we can’t resell them as new and/or return them to vendors simply because they didn’t meet your expectation.
  • Our return policy for food processing items is different from our standard return policy due to hygiene concerns. Even if an item has not been used, if the box has been opened, we will assess a 15% restocking fee as we must re-sell the item as an ”open box” at a discount.
  • Within 30 days of purchase or delivery, whichever the latter, you can return any (non-perishable) item for a full refund (excluding shipping), provided (1) you have your receipt (or the corresponding invoice is in your customer record in our computer) and (2) the product is in unused, like-new condition, with its intact original packaging.
  • Items deemed defective (i.e. stopped working and/or broke after a few days) will need to be inspected by one of our Customer Service staff, who in turn may have to contact the manufacturer for resolution. Accordingly, we will likely not be able to come up with a decision on the spot. All defective returns must be complete, clean and soil-free. Sprayers specifically must be rinsed, drained, dry and free of chemical smell. Defective units may then be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer’s option. For products covered under manufacturer’s warranty, please understand that we must strictly follow the manufacturer guidelines, that we may need to contact them for warranty claims and that an immediate decision may not always be possible.

3-Day Return Policy for Perishable Merchandise

We guarantee the perishable merchandise we sell (including but not limited to, garlic bulbs, flower bulbs, seed potatoes, onion transplants, etc...) to be in good, viable condition when we sell them. However, because these items will deteriorate over time, we expect you to inspect them carefully upon receipt and plant them without any delay. Should there be any quality problem, you must notify us within 3 (three) days of your purchase, or delivery, whichever the latter, to request an exchange or a refund. Beyond 3 days from the date of purchase, or delivery, whichever the latter, perishable merchandise is not returnable nor refundable under any circumstances.

Dormant Tree Limited Replacement Guarantee

If your dormant bare-root fruit or nut tree (incl. potted fig or pomegranate) does not leaf out by May 15th (some varieties may take that long to break dormancy), contact our Customer Service by June 1st and return to us the dead tree for inspection (or email us illustrative photos). We will issue you a credit for the price you paid for that tree (excluding shipping), provided it does not show damage (from rodent, mechanical. . . etc.) or root rot. This credit is redeemable toward the purchase of any other bare-root tree of your choice the following season. We reserve the right to not re-issue credit for replacement of already replaced trees. This guarantee excludes pecan trees (quite tricky to transplant), and does not apply to dormant nursery stock (i.e. asparagus, artichoke, horseradish, rhubarb, blueberry, strawberry, cane berry and grape), flower bulbs, (evergreen) avocado, citrus & olive trees, onion & leek transplants, garlic & shallots, seed potatoes and common nursery stock.

Limitation of Remedy

We warrant to the extent of the purchase price only, that the items, seeds or plants sold hereunder are as described on the catalog, website or label within recognized tolerances. No other warranty is given, expressed or implied of (1) the merchantability or fitness of the items, seeds or plants for any particular purpose, or (2) against loss due to any cause. We cannot accept any responsibility for the many uncontrollable growing and climatic conditions (soil preparation, fertilization, weed and pest control, temperature control, irrigation…etc.) that must be met to ensure the success of your crop(s) or plants.

Guaranteed to Germinate

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply brand vegetable seeds from packs are guaranteed to germinate. Once the seeds have sprouted, please understand that Peaceful Valley cannot be held responsible for the many uncontrollable growing and climatic conditions that must be met to insure the success of your crop(s).


All orders are shipped pre-paid. We accept cash, checks, money orders (US dollars only), Visa, or Mastercard.

Privacy Policy

In order to expand the organic community, we may rent, exchange, or sell the names and mailing addresses of those customers who do not opt-out by calling (888) 784-1722 or emailing a request to orderdesk@groworganic.com.

For details on what information our website collects about you, click the 'Privacy Policy' button below.

Privacy Policy

Shipping Information

Simply put, we are always looking for the cheapest method of shipping available for your order. We carry over 4000 products of various sizes and weights everything from a seed pack to a motorized tiller.

  • We ship via USPS, FedEx Home Delivery to residences and via FedEx Ground to businesses.
  • Shipping is assessed using the same method employed by FedEx, based on weight and zone. Shipping takes 1-5 days depending on location within the United States.

View additional shipping information here.

Drop Ships Items shipping directly from the vendor are noted as such. Shipping charges are calculated by our call center and will be confirmed before shipping. Drop ship orders will often be delivered within two weeks of ordering, but in some cases these orders can take longer due to product availability and weather delays. Once an order has shipped, your order cannot be cancelled.

Shipping to Hawaii, Guam, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands Items generally ship to these locations via USPS Priority Mail. USPS does not guarantee transit time and Parcel Post can take up to several weeks to AK, HI, and PR. FedEx Service is available but is generally quite a bit more expensive. Boat and Barge shipments for palletized orders are available. Call for a quote. Perishable items and beneficial insects cannot ship to these locations.

Non-Combinable Items Individual items that are boxed in their own package or that are too large, heavy, or long to be boxed with other items. Figure the shipping cost for non-combinable items separately, and then add them to your total shipping cost. For oversized items add an additional $10 per item.

Combinable Items Packaged weights are shown in the parenthesis after each part number. Individual items weighing less than 40 lbs. are generally "combinable" (they can be included in one box weighing up to 70 lbs.) Items over 40 lbs. must ship alone to avoid damage. If your combinable items total 70 lbs. or less they will ship in one box. Figure your zone using the chart below and then figure weight of the box. If your items weigh more than 70 lbs. then figure your shipment as more than one box (one at 70 lbs and the remaining weight as the 2nd box). These two costs calculated together will result with your shipping costs. If your order weighs more than 200 lbs.see "Hundred Weight" below.

Turnaround Time and Back Orders Orders where all items are in-stock typically ship within 1–2 business days, but turnaround time does vary by season. Expedited shipping options are available upon request. If some items on your order are out of stock, we may ship your order in two parts if the back ordered portion can ship at no additional cost, or if you request and/or accept the additional shipping charges. This "split-shipment" will result in your order total being charged in two installments (the entire shipping amount and items shipped in the first part of the order, and the remaining product cost for the subsequent portion).

Tracking Your Order If shipping by FedEx, a tracking number will be e-mailed to you the day after your order ships. Please contact us immediately if you think your shipment is lost or if your shipment arrives damaged.

Receiving Your Order When your order arrives, open the package immediately and inspect the content against the packing slip; it is especially important to check viability on living plants immediately. Notify us immediately of any shortages or damage, do not discard any damaged items or shipping cartons. The shipping company may require an inspection prior to approving any claim.
For truck orders, do not sign for the shipment until you have confirmed the shipment is complete and has no apparent and/or concealed damage. If there is a shortage or damage it must be noted on the proof of delivery, or we cannot accept responsibility.