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Diatomaceous Earth
(50 lb bag)

Food Grade Pure Diatomaceous Earth

Item Number: AD250


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


Diatomaceous Earth (DE) consists of fossilized shells of tiny water-dwelling organisms called diatoms which, when ground, have microscopically fine, sharp edges.

  • Can be mixed in animal feed, as an anti-caking agent, not to exceed 2% by weight
  • Food-grade freshwater DE (not the DE used in swimming pools)

Can be irritating to the lungs and eyes. As per its MSDS instructions, avoid breathing dust (use a NIOSH approved N95 respirator mask like our GSD920) and avoid contact with eyes (wear goggles).


Insect Control Ants, Earwigs, Flea Beetle, Fleas, Slugs & Snails, Stored Grain Pests
Insect Control Ants, Earwigs, Flea Beetle, Fleas, Slugs & Snails, Stored Grain Pests

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Shipping Weight: 55.00 lbs. Dimensions: 34.5"L x 16.5"W x 8.25"H


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