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Donations from Peaceful Valley

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply is happy make donations to agricultural endeavors.

Please review our criteria for making donations and then complete the form below if you believe your organization fits our criteria. Because of the volume of requests we receive, we ask that all donation requests be submitted using the following form (please no phone calls, faxes, snail mail).

Our criteria for making a donation:

  1. Must be an agricultural organization, benefitting organic, sustainable farming, gardening & educational endeavors (please do not send requests for athletic fund raisers, etc).
  2. Local agricultural groups are given preference. We love our community and want to support it!
  3. Specific request lists, complete with our part number and quantity is required or a simple request for "vegetable seed packs" or "flower seed packs" and quantity.
  4. What kind of exposure will Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply and receive from this donation?

Our most common donation - Seeds!

We are happy to donate "expired" seed to non-profit organizations, schools, and community garden projects. These seeds are viable, however they were packed for last year. It is easiest for us to provide a variety pack of expired seeds, however we honor variety specific requests if the seed stock is available.

Occasionally we can donate other catalog items

If you need something specific (setting up an irrigation system for the local food bank garden, etc.), please submit a list of part numbers, items names & quantities needed. We will review your request and make these donations as our budget allows.

Donation Submission Form

After you submit you will be directed to the homepage.

*Denotes required field.

If we are able to fulfill your request, we will notify you and then ship in-stock inventory within 2 weeks. As the year goes on, our seed varieties become more limited, but we are always happy to send you what we can!

As a follow-up, we really appreciate receiving pictures of your school gardens, community grocery store gardens, and the likes! Please e-mail pictures to If we cannot fulfill your entire request, please know that regular purchases for non-profit groups will be discounted by 5% if you order online. Please mention in the "notes" that you would like to receive the non-profit 5% discount and provide your 501c3 number.