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Boleslawiec Fermenting Crock (10 Liters/2.64 Gallons) - HM151

How to Make Sauerkraut

How to Make Sauerkraut

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Make natural, nutrition-packed sauerkraut and pickled vegetables with this stoneware crock from Poland!

Through the years sauerkraut has been recognized as one of the healthiest foods, and was even used on sailing ships to protect sailors from scurvy. Recently in the news, sauerkraut and pickled vegetables fermented the natural way with lactic acid fermentation are being credited with correcting bodily imbalances of intestinal flora.

This European fermenting crock is specially designed for making sauerkraut, pickles, and other fermented vegetables.

The crock offers a unique, water-well seal for the lid to ensure a pure fermentation process, and an easy-drain to pour off extra liquid during this process. The airtight, water-sealable cover means you will not have to repeatedly open the crock to scrape off surface mold. Simply pour a small amount of water into the channel on top and the cover’s unique design will allow gases to escape without letting oxygen in. This crock design is recommended in the latest “How To” cook books as the easiest, cleanest, and safest way to ferment healthy and delicious vegetables.

These high quality stoneware crocks are handcrafted by the oldest ceramics factory in Bolesławiec, Poland where the highly enriched, vitrified clays provide the strongest material for clay pottery and ceramics. Once fired, they are covered with a lead-free glaze. The crocks are easy to clean and absorb hardly any water, so mold cannot build up. Mold would affect the taste and keeping quality of fermented vegetables.

Boleslawiec crocks come with weighting stones, instead of a wooden board with a cloth. The weighting stones are made of stoneware and are cut in two halves for easier handling. The stones have the right weight to hold vegetables under the liquid during the fermentation process. If you don’t have weighting stones you have to use a board or other weight, covered by a cloth (the cloth will need to be cleaned and replaced during fermentation).

When choosing the size of the crock, remember you can only fill a pot to 80% of its total capacity.

See below for other crock sizes.


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