Foody 5 Watering System, Hydroponic - GP1711

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FOODY is very different from other growing systems:

Supports rapid growth and takes advantage of vertical dimension to grow more food in less space.

Allows people with limited knee flexibility to tend and grow their own food. No more bending, weeding or tilling…this is as easy as gardening gets!

Plants can be grown traditionally or hydroponically indoors or outdoors, even in apartments. The rotating system allows the plants to have maximum sun (or artificial light) exposure.

FOODY requires low amounts of water, and can be easily maintained automatically.

The Foody 5 story rotary tower system consists of a base tank plus 4 pods (or stories), 4 filters, 6"x3" net pots, 6 wicks and an automatic feeding system (1 submersible pump, 3x3/4” PVC tubes, 6’ of 1/2” tubing, 1 PVC cap, 2 PVC couplers and 1 timer).

The base has 6 planting sites and each pod has 8, for a total of 38 planting sites.

The automatic hydroponic version comes pre-drilled and pre-cut ready for assembly. Soil cannot be used in the automatic Foody. This version uses a 1/2” tubing to water/fertilize the plants, which is wide enough to accept the widest range of fertilizers. We do not use tiny emitters since these are prone to clogging and require too much maintenance.

You supply the growing medium (cocofiber chunks, pumice, hydroton or mixture thereof) according to your personal preferences & varying growing requirements.

Height 61 1/2". Pod Width 11 3/4" . Base Reservoir 21" diameter (approx).

Foody Gardening Towers are made with 100% Food Grade Materials with no BPA.


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I saw these at the Microsoft campus (they use in their restaurants to grow fresh lettuce) and had to have one. Works great for growing lettuce and herbs. Most impressed by how easy they are to set up and move. Can easy clean out and replant.

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