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Meadow Creature Broadfork - 4 Tines (14") - GDO540

Planting Olives

Planting Olives

Double Digging

Double Digging

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Meadow Creature's Broadforks are easy to use and built for a lifetime.

Ideal for deep-aerating your beds, our broadforks easily turn soil in existing beds.

If you're looking for a tool to break the hardest sod and pasture, and turn hardpan into a garden bed, you've found it - buy ours with confidence, you won't break it.

Meadow Creature broadforks are fabricated in the USA from high-strength alloy steel and ship as a single solid welded piece with no mechanical connections to work loose. They are the best engineered and the strongest. This tool has a good balance, so using it requires less effort.

The broadfork allows you to till and aerate your growing beds by hand, using a natural motion that's easier on your body - no twisting. It tills deeper and provides an alternative to the noise, pollution, fossil fuel use, and ground compaction caused by power tilling.

The broadfork looks similar to a pitchfork, but it's stronger and heavier, with longer tines. Our tines have a gentle curve to ease ground penetration. To use, you stand on the cross bar, wriggling the handles and using your body weight to work the tines into the ground. Stepping off the broadfork, you can pull on the handles just a bit to loosen and aerate the soil around the tines, or leverage the handles further back for a more complete breaking of the soil. After each "pull", work backwards and side to side, to turn your bed, without stepping on the loosened soil.

  • Item Model Number: GDO540
  • Shipping Dimensions: 65 x 22 x 6 inches
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Customer Reviews

This tool has spoiled me.

Thanks to this broadfork, I'm loathe to use any other digging tool ever. Shovels, picks and the like seem tedious and overly difficult. Need a new bed prepped or a large hole dug for a tree in rocky, dry, root filled, clay soil? NO PROBLEM. I LOVE this broadfork.

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Homestead Workhorse

I special ordered this fork directly from the builder who lives in my area. Besides growing bead preparation I needed it to remove black berry roots which are deep growing and very persistent. The handles are continuous with the outside tines which makes them nearly impossible to break off or bend even if you occasionally pry up 25 pound stones.<br />

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Expensive, but worth it. Saves time and energy, works great! Glad I bought one...

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Awesome tool

I wish I would have learned about broad forks years ago. I can now prep a bed for planting in a quarter of the time and probably a quarter of the energy. No repetitive forward bending movements, this tool uses its weight, leverage and gravity to get the work done. Also this tool s very stoutly built, comes with a lifetime warranty and is very ergonomic to use. I haven't physically held the other broad forks on the market, so I can't say definitively, but this one looks like the best built one out there. In summary, buy this tool, it is worth the money......and it will save you money in chiropractic bills!

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A Workhorse

I love this tool. I stripped out my yard (1/3 acre) and put in a food forest using this broadfork. It's well made, sturdy, and perfectly balanced. It slices through and lifts soil, even my rocky clay soil. Friends who have borrowed it have commented on how easy it is to use (your leverage and gravity does the hard work) and how nice the soil is after. It is nice to loosen the earth without bringing all of the weed seeds to the surface.

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