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MeloCon WG 20 lb - PBI070

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MeloCon WG is a biological nematicide that contains a naturally occurring fungus, Paecilomyces lilacinus, that is a highly effective parasite of all stages of development of common plant-infecting nematodes, especially the eggs and infectious juveniles. It effectively controls plant-infecting nematodes, including root knot, burrowing, cyst, root lesion, false root knot and sting nematodes. It can be used in vegetable, fruit, vine, tuber, row and ornamental crops. Formulated as a water dispersable granule, MeloCon is applied through conventional methods, including chemigation. MeloCon WG can be applied as a transplant drench at planting, in transplant water or through drip irrigation systems pre- or post-transplant. Typical use rate is 2-4 lb/acre per application.


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