Earth Juice Bloom 0-3-1 (Gallon) - F3006

Earth Juice Bloom 0-3-1 (Gallon)
Organic Fertilizer & Fertigation

Organic Fertilizer & Fertigation

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For Increased Yields and Quality

Increase yield and quality. Use prior to and during budding, flowering, and fruiting stages. Use for ornamentals, trees, bulbs and shrubs. Use alone or in combination with Earth Juice Grow to enhance vegetative growth.

  • Derived from bat guano, seabird guano, kelp, sulfate of potash, steamed bone meal, oat bran and rock phosphate.
  • Use 0.5-2 tbs/gal of water in soils
  • Not for use in drip systems, soaker hoses, or hydroponics.

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