Earth Juice Grow 2-1-1 (Quart) - F3000

Earth Juice Grow 2-1-1 (Quart)
House Plant Care

House Plant Care

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For Vigorous Vegetative Growth

Stimulate vigorous vegetative growth. All-purpose fertilizer in hydroponics, rockwool, soil, and soilless mixes. Use through all stages of plant development. For vegetables, ornamentals, lawns, trees, and shrubs.

  • Derived from bat guano, kelp, sulfate of potash, feather meal, oat bran, blood meal, and steamed bone meal.
  • Use 0.5-2 tbs/gal of water in soils
  • Not for use through drip systems, soaker hoses, or hydroponics.

Customer Reviews


I use this in my veggie garden, as well as flowers. It gives the plants the kick they need for healthy growth.

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Balanced Nutrition

I've had great results using this on seedlings (once true leaves are there) and on greenhouse plants. It really makes for some nice healthy plants.

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