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Simple, non-toxic and re-useable traps brings earwigs under control in homes, gardens and orchards. High-strength plastic traps catches earwigs that crawl into the holes of the trap. Traps can be discretely placed to catch earwigs, even in wet areas. Safe for use around food storage and food-handling areas.

Earwigs hatch in spring, usually by the first week of April. They feed on other insects, plants, ripe fruit and garbage. Earwigs damage fresh fruit, seedlings, as well as the petals and pollen of many plants. They hunt at night and are attracted to warm damp areas. Earwigs that fall into wells contaminate water supplies. Long term use of the SpringStar Earwig Trap will reduce troubling infestations without the use of toxic chemicals.

Open traps and bait with 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla, fish oil, castor oil, soy sauce or ripe fruit. Place a small amount of soapy water in the bottom of the trap. Earwigs will be attracted to the bait, fall into the water and drown. Place traps in gardens with rich soil on southern slopes, under shrubberies, along fences, in woodpiles and the base of trees. Wash out traps with soapy water before re-baiting. Do not put in the dishwasher.

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