Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer Solution Chart

About organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizer comes from plants, animals and mined minerals. Any combination of organic fertilizer will feed soil organisms who produce plant food in a plant available form. Use powdered, pelleted and tablet fertilizer for soil application. Use organic liquid fertilizer or water soluble fertilizers via irrigation or foliar sprays.

Examples of organic fertilizers

  • Plant fertilizer - sea kelp (seaweed), alfalfa meal, corn gluten meal and cottonseed meal;
  • Green manure - living cover crop plants turned into the soil;
  • Natural fertilizer from animals - blood meal, bone meal, fish meal, and composted chicken manure;
  • Mined natural fertilizer - limestone, soft rock phosphate and gypsum.

How To Get Started The best way to evaluate your own situation is to start with a soil test.

Note to Certified Organic Farmers: While we do our best to stay current with product OMRI listings, be sure to check with your certifying organization for a current list of approved (or banned) products.