Liquid Fish

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About liquid fish fertilizers

Fish products are excellent sources of N-P-K and trace minerals for a farmer or gardener, but which one to choose? Fish products come in the form of meals, emulsions or hydrolysates and/or enzymatically digested. Fish meal is ground, dried fish waste with the oil removed, generally dried at high heat and is used in soil applications. It has a high nitrogen & phosphorus analysis and is a slow to medium releasing source of nitrogen. For a fast-acting, water soluble fish fertilizer, use fish powders, liquid fish emulsion or enzymatically digested hydrolyzed fish. Fish powders are spray-dried fish materials, dried with heat and turned into a water soluble powder. They can be used for foliar feeding or in irrigation systems once put into solution. Fish emulsion, a popular product used in organic agriculture, is used as a soluble fish fertilizer but is processed with heat. Enzymatically digested hydrolyzed fish retains more of the proteins, enzymes, vitamins and micronutrients than emulsions, which can be processed with high heat and acids. Heat tends to denature amino acids in proteins, making them unavailable to the plants. Enzymatic digestion of fish allows the minerals and amino acids to become readily available to plants and makes those nutrients water soluble, so you can use them in foliar spraying or through drip and other irrigation systems. We highly recommend that you take a look at our very own, premium quality liquid fish fertilizers.