Fox Farm Big Bloom (Qt) - F1900

Fox Farm Big Bloom (Qt)
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Use For Bigger Blooms and Buds

This odorless, liquid fertilizer is a live culture of vitamins, amino acids, natural growth hormones, enzymes, and beneficial organic microbes. This micro-brewed formula incorporates earthworm castings, bat guano and other high test organic ingredients that offer a full, balanced range of nutrients.

  • Derived from earthworm castings, bat and seabird guano, rock phosphate, sulfate of potash magnesia and kelp
  • Norwegian kelp improves nutrient uptake and increases yields.
  • Rock phosphate helps transfer energy from one part of the plant to another, which means bigger buds and more fragrant flowers.
  • Guaranteed analysis 0.01 N - 0.3 P - 0.7 K
  • Use 2-4 Tbs. per gallon of water.

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