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Greenhouse Watering

Greenhouse Watering

Browse our selection of gentle watering nozzles that are great for greenhouses!

Greenhouses and coldframes are great options to raise the ambient temperature and allow you to grow in frosty weather, get a jump-start on your seed starting, or shelter delicate plants from the elements. Choose from our selection of coldframes, greenhouse plastic, or beautiful redwood greenhouse kits.

Regulate temperatures in your greenhouse or coldframe with automatic vent openers. If you are building your own greenhouse and need plans, or just want to know more, check out the DIY books that are our staff favorites.

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  1. Dramm (13)
  1. $7
  3. $
Emitter Style
  1. Mist (3)
Flow Style
  1. Shower Spray (2)
Gallons Per Hour (GPH)
  1. 21+ (2)
Nozzle Control Style
  1. Rear Trigger (2)
  2. Thumb (5)
Type of Pressure Regulator Needed
  1. None (3)
Warranty Type
  1. Lifetime Limited (4)
  2. Time Limited (1)
Product Features
  1. Use with Small Seeds (3)
  2. Use for Seed Starting (3)
  3. Hose Thread (10)
  4. Multiple Spray Patterns (4)
  5. Adjustable Flow Control (3)
  6. Fine Spray/Mist (4)
  7. Die-Cast (1)
  8. Heavy Duty (5)
  9. Ergonomic Features (3)