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Frost Shield (1 Gal) - GP870

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Micro-thin protein pro-polymer. Forms a permeable protective coating on plants, trees, vines, and fruits. Inhibits water loss, thus slowing the rate of cooling caused by evapotranspiration and keeps the internal temperature of the fruit above the freezing point. Generally gives protection down to 25°-28°F. Use 3-4 TBS/gal or 1 gal/acre with 1 pint of surfactant/100 gal of water. Apply up to the day before an expected frost; Frost Shield is effective as soon as it is dry (4-6 hours drying time). After drying, it will withstand 10" of rain or irrigation water. Labeled for a wide range of vegetables, trees, berries and fruits. Shelf life is 3 years.

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