Galcon Alternator Valve - WOT1500

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The unique Alternator Valve can be used in conjunction with automatic tap timers that have multiple automatic starts or as a stand alone unit.

This Alternator Valve is not a timer, and does not require batteries or a power source. It is simply powered by the water moving through it. Place the Alternator Valve downstream of a timer or valve and it will alternate the water flow from one outlet to the next with each timer cycle. It is a simple, inexpensive solution to double the coverage of your drip irrigation system.

- Allows flows up to 6 gallons per minute per outlet
- Operates in a pressure range from 10 to 125 PSI
- Low friction polymer construction
- Flow switches from outlet 1 to outlet 2 with each timer cycle
- Allow one minute of "recovery" time between timer cycles


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