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Garden Catalog

Bare Root 2016
Issue 9 of 9

This catalog is all about planning ahead and dreaming!


In this catalog you will find a huge selection of fruit and nut trees, perennials like berries, rhubarb and asparagus, as well as potatoes, onions and garlic! New this year - Candy Heart Pluerry®, Mid-Pride Peach, Carnival Peach, Summer Delight Aprium®, Jonagold and a few more! Imagine your garden this spring and all the tasty vegetables you’ll be able to harvest. Dream about the fruit you’ll harvest from your own orchard and how you can preserve this bounty to enjoy all next winter! Pre-order now to get the varieties you want - we can sell out fast!

Want to replenish your soil and prepare for spring planting? Plant a cover crop! These “Green Manures” will boost nitrogen and add significant organic matter to your soil. Check out our Solution Guide for Cover Crops (online) to help you choose the best cover crop for your growing situation.

We’ve added new fall planted bulbs, over 90 to choose from! From alliums to tulips! 23 varieties of daffodils alone - some suitable for growing in climates as warm as USDA Zone 10

Extend your growing season - check out the Frost Protection section. Agribon floating row covers, hoop house poly, coldframes, or a beautiful greenhouse - all will help you harvest fresh food well into fall.

Garden Catalog

Garlic, Onion, Potato & Cover Crop Seeds 2016
Issue 8 of 9

Oh, the things you can grow!


Garlic, onions & potatoes are just some of the things you can plant this fall. Plant wildflowers and flower bulbs to enjoy a bright and bloomin’ spring next year. Start your home orchard with avocado or olive trees. Plant a cover crop to “fix” nitrogen into the soil, add significant organic matter and save money on fertilizer next spring.

Ever tasted organic gourmet garlic? You won’t find this garlic in stores. We have many varieties of hardneck and softneck garlic to choose from, plus shallots - or buy our combo pack and sample 4 garlic varieties and the shallots for a great price!

What about a freshly dug potato? Red, white, blue and purple potatoes? Plant potatoes in Smart Pots this fall and harvest creamy, fresh and colorful potatoes!

Check out the Frost Protection section for the tools to extend your growing season. Agribon floating row covers, hoop house poly, coldframes, or a beautiful greenhouse - all will help you harvest fresh food well into fall.

Garden Catalog

Harvesting & Country Living 2016
Issue 7 of 9

Harvest the Fruits Of Your Labor!


Harvest Equipment - Find all the products you need to bring in the bounty from your harvest including:

  • Orchard ladders & garden carts
  • Professional picking bags
  • Long handled fruit pickers, snips & knives
  • Harvest baskets & gardening containers
Pest Control Catalog

Natural & Organic Pest Control 2016
Issue 6 of 9

Identify & Monitor the organic way!


IPM - Integrated Pest Management control pests in the most natural possible way.

Major components of IPM are:

  • Monitor, Identify & Control the Pests
  • Biological Controls are natural enemies such as beneficial insects.
  • Cultural Controls alter the environment so the pests can’t live easily (removing shelter, adjusting watering times).
  • Mechanical and Physical Controls are traps that kill pests, or barriers that keep them away from plants (gopher wire, deer fencing, bird netting).
  • Chemical Controls are pesticides. In IPM pesticides are a last resort. Combine all these controls for a long-term solution to your pest problem.
Garden Catalog

Drip Irrigation & Watering Supplies 2016
Issue 5 of 9

Water Wisely!


It is tempting to water your plants or garden daily during warm weather, but this can result in plants with shallow root systems that are water dependent and unable to cope with drought. Deep, less frequent watering can result in deep root systems and allows the soil surface to dry between watering. A dry soil surface prevents many fungal diseases from spreading, and discourages moisture-loving pests such as slugs and sow bugs.

Watering requirements should be adjusted throughout the growing season, as warmer temperatures may require more frequent watering; longer, deeper watering -- or both. Be sure to water the entire root zone. Dry, surrounding soil can wick the water away from the plants roots. To retain soil moisture, a thick layer of mulch can be applied around the plants (keeping it slightly away from the plant stems to avoid stem rot).

Check out our NEW Solar Water Pump Kit - pump water with the power of the sun!

Tools Catalog

Quality Tools & Natural Weed Control 2016
Issue 4 of 9

Tools for your garden!


Quality garden tools are a sound investment for your garden. The right tool for the job saves time and effort. From wheel hoes to machetes, we have what you need to suceed with your garden or farm. Peaceful Valley carries only premium quality gardening tools for your organic garden. We believe that your organic gardening will be more efficient and enjoyable with the right garden tools. We’ve tested our garden tools, we’ve talked to organic farmers and growers, and we’ve selected only the best to offer to our customers. Save yourself time and money and invest in top quality garden tools from

Garden Catalog

Natural & Organic Fertilizers 2016
Issue 3 of 9

Start with the soil! That's the foundation for a successful garden!


At the heart of all organic growing is the art and science of fertilizing organically. Healthy soil nurtures healthy plants which generally grow better, taste better, store longer and consequently, should have increased resistance to the stresses caused by heat, cold, drought, pests, diseases, rapid growth, etc. Fertile soil is not only the first step for increasing yields and quality but also for natural pest control and season extending.

Garden Catalog

Growing & Propagating 2016
Issue 2 of 9

Everything you will need to get your garden growing!


Enjoy the large selection of growing mediums, amendments and tools to create soil that will grow healthy and productive plants. Plus everything you might need to start seeds, transplant seedlings and protect those seedlings during adverse weather.

Garden Catalog

Organic & Non-GMO Seeds 2016
Issue 1 of 9

Browse our Peaceful Valley Seed Catalog and dream about your next bountiful harvest!


Our awesome seed line includes 300+ Certified Organic Vegetable Seeds, 90+ Open Pollinated Wildflower Seeds and 32 Organic Herb Seeds. All of our seeds are non-GMO.

Find everything you need to start your seeds in the Seed Starting Supplies section, along with videos, articles and books packed with researched information on everything from seed selection to how to start a garden! Don't forget to order that fruit tree or berry vine for your edible landscape. Plus check out some of the varieties of organic seed potatoes that are generally available from fall through spring.

In celebration of our 40th year in business, we've rolled back the price on all Peaceful Valley brand vegetable, herb and flower seed packs from $2.99 to $1.99! Offer expires 12/31/2016!