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Geobin Home & Garden Compost Bin - GCO350

Hot and Fast Composting

Hot and Fast Composting

Hugelkultur Potatoes

Hugelkultur Potatoes

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The Geobin is perfect for the first-time composter or the expert.

This sturdy compost bin is made of 50 mil thick, black plastic and is easily assembled and moved. It is 36" tall by 142" long and is expandable from a 2' to 4' diameter. It holds up to a cubic yard of compost and provides excellent ventilation for aeration of the compost.

Recycled plastic is the primary source material for this product.

Includes instructions and nylon hardware that won't rust.

Comes with 6 fasteners.

  • Item Model Number: GCO350
  • Shipping Dimensions: 40.5 x 5.75 x 4.75 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 9.5 pounds

Customer Reviews

Heavy Duty

Nice composter. Needs two people to set up, but is easy to understand and takes less than 5 minutes to do. The material feels very study. I'm using it to grow potatoes in.

Review by (on )
Will buy another one

I got one of these last year and am very happy with it. It's big enough to turn the compost over in place if you want, holds a full tractor bucket of wood chippings and more. It is a little challenging to put together but not bad. The fasteners are plastic so nothing to rust. The stakes that are included are almost worthless, I used (4) 1/2 inch elec conduit stakes instead. Buying a second one now.

Review by (on )
pretty good for the $$

A good beginning compost bin--but you need 2 people to put it together with any kind of ease.

Review by (on )
great bins!

I bought 1 of these last year for composting leaves and grass clippings. I had a home made wire bin also. This year I threw out the home made wire bin and bought 2 more GeoBins. They are wonderful, and work great if you follow the instructions and make a hot compost pile, turning frequently. I do add some minor garden clippings to 1 bin while leaving the others to older clippings/leaves etc only. The only complaint I have is it's a 2 person job to assemble these bins as it keep curling back up on you, and the stakes provided are not sufficient to keep my bins open on hard packed dirt area I have them in as they are too short. I bought 3 long garden stakes and use those in addition to the supplied stakes. Very easy to turn your pile, just pluck out the stakes, lift bin off the pile, place and stake next to it and fork over the compost. Just turned one of the piles today. Love these things.

Review by (on )
Convient to have more than one

I have 5 or 6 of these spread out throughout my 2 acre fenced garden. It is handy to have a compost bin in several locations so that I don't have to cart clippings and weeds. It will sometimes take me a few seasons to have compost ready for use but very conveinent to have several locations to deposit.

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