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Geotrichum Candidum, White Mold (1/Pk) - HM632

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This mold powder will produce a white to cream color surface and it plays a significant role in the ripening process for surface ripened cheese of the soft ripened or washed rind types.

It greatly influences the appearance, structure and flavor of Brie and Camembert, along with a variety of goat cheeses. It also helps prevent the skin from slipping off of your cheese.

In red smear cheeses it helps neutralize the surface of the cheese and stimulates the development of desired, acid-sensitive flora such as P.candidum.

Contains: Geotrichum Candidum

Yield: When adding directly to milk, using 1/16 tsp per 4-8 gallons, this packet contains enough powder to do 64-128 gallons of milk.

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