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Green Lacewings - Pre-Fed Larvae (Unit of approx 1000) - PBE370

Green Lacewings - Pre-Fed Larvae Green Lacewings - Pre-Fed Larvae
Getting Rid of Aphids

Getting Rid of Aphids

  • Up to 10 beneficial insects may be combined in a single package, but cannot be combined with other items.
  • Not registered for sale in: HI, GU, PR, VI
  • In stock. Ships from Manufacturer. Tracking emails will not be sent. Please call for tracking information.
Ships via FedEx Overnight to a street address only (no Post Office box).

Predator That Feeds on Most Soft-Bodied Insects

Chrysoperla rufilabris larvae, Green Lacewing larvae, devour most species of soft-bodied insects, mites and pest insect eggs.

  • Release one Green Lacewing larva per twenty pests, or two larvae per one square foot. Use 10,000 to 50,000 larvae per acre.
  • Larvae are shipped in a bottle with a small amount of food. Release them as soon as they arrive because once the food runs out they will cannibalize each other.
  • The larvae will feed for approximately 10 to 14 days (depending on climatic conditions and available food source) and then pupate. You may wish to introduce more larvae at that time.
  • For complete instructions, click the More Info tab to download the Product Guide.

Price DOES NOT include delivery. Ships via FedEx Overnight to a street address only (no Post Office box).

Larvae are sent out Mondays only. Place your order at least 3 business days in advance of desired shipping date (Monday holidays will delay processing of order). Unless you specify otherwise, we will send your Beneficial Insects on the next possible shipping day. You could also request delayed delivery in the Order-Specific Comments box.

These are shipped with cold packs in warm months. Do not be alarmed when the cold packs arrive warm or melted, as this will not affect the viability of the product. However, these creatures may die if left in direct sunlight or in a rural mailbox on a hot afternoon, or in cold weather. We only guarantee viability if someone accepts and inspects the insects immediately upon delivery. You must contact us immediately upon delivery if you suspect a viability problem.

Because of this, often the best address to use is a work address. If FedEx is instructed to leave the package in a cool, safe place and it’s for a short period of time, viability should not be compromised, but cannot be guaranteed. If no one is available and no instructions have been left, delivery may be re-attempted the next business day. However, viability may be compromised and will not be guaranteed.

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