ERGS meter

ERGS meter: available energy


Energy Released per Gram of Soil, as defined by Carey Reams. ERGS represents the amount of energy available to the growing crops and microorganisms. Overall reading above 1,000 generally indicates a salt problem, energy loss and waste, and increased potential for root burn and nematode proliferation. Overall reading below 200 indicates little or no crop growth is occurring.

Late-season crop finishing is directly correlated to the ERGS level.

Reference solutions

Reference solutions are not included with most meters, although they are necessary to calibrate your meter. For pH, the 7.0 solution is the solution to use for primary calibration. If accurate readings below pH 6.0 are consistently needed, the 4.0 solution is also recommended. For best calibration and accuracy, use both the 7.0 and 4.0 reference solutions.

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