LED Grow Lights

About LED grow lights

Give your plants the light spectrum they need, using less energy, with these LED grow lights. Each Standard Gro-Bar uses only 6 watts of power yet produces the equivalent energy of 100 watts of traditional grow lighting. Gro-Bars radiate very little heat making it much easier to maintain humidity and temperatures for plants. Low-voltage, low heat, low energy consumption. Perfect for the commercial indoor gardener and kitchen fresh herb-gardener alike. Use as a single unit, or in a chain of multiple bars on a SunMount Frame. No reflector required. Bulbs last 20,000–100,000 hours!

Plan on using 2 lights per square foot growing area. All Gro-Bars are 25”x5”x1”, and are available in the One (includes 1 Gro-Bar and 1 power hook-up), Two, Four or Eight Gro-Bar Packages (each include that number of Gro-Bars and one power hook up, plus bar to bar connector cables). When mounted in the Sunmount frame the finished product measures 25"x22" regardless of the number of bars attached. Each package comes with an international power hook-up which powers up to 8 bars.

All SolarOasis products are certified RoHS (hazardous materials free) as well as DECA certified to free of harmful plastic additives. All SolarOasis products are 100% recyclable of can be directly disposed of in standard landfills. SolarOasis products can be sold worldwide without restrictions. Country specific power cords are available at additional cost to meet the plug in power needs of other countries.

SAVE BIG ON SHIPPING: Free shipping to Continental USA on all Solar Oasis Grow Bars and all complete Grow Light Kits (Reflector + Ballast + Bulb).