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Planting Containers

You'll find the kind of planting container you're looking for here:

The popular Smart Pots® encourage well-branched roots, they can roll up and move with you, and come in all sizes from tiny to a raised bed.

Grow Bags are heavy-duty reusable bags are economical and easy to use. They are self-standing once filled with soil. They have pre-punched holes to allow for good water drainage and they come packed flat. The white Easi-Lift Grow Bags are made with heavier plastic and handles. These strong handles make carrying heavy plants and trees easier. The white color of the bags helps to prevent root coiling, and drainage holes allow for proper drainage. All components, including the the sewing thread, are UV stabilized, thus prolonging the bag's longevity.

Plastic pots, seed flats, and and 6-pack planting containers are stand-bys for plant propagation and potting on.

Biodegradable pots are a sustainable segment of container planting. Start your seeds in newspaper pots made with our PotMaker tool, or tuck the seeds into our expanding Jiffy Peat Pellets. The Jiffy Peat and Coconut Fiber pots are an easy way to keep the plant roots intact during when it's time to put them out in the garden. Just put the entire pot in the ground. Use sustainable pots as more permanent pots, as well, with our attractive Bamboo Pots and Saucers; in natural colors and classic shapes, these pots will last approximately 3 years indoors and then you can compost them.

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