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Harvest Knives

Harvest Knives

Choose from our selection of harvest knives from the highest-quality brands!

Find the right blade for the job. We have professional grade loppers, saws and hand pruners to tame those trees and shrubs. Find all the sickles, scythes garden snips and shears to keep your flowers, bonsais and lawns well manicured. Sharp, compact, easy to use, and most importantly, durable tools are the way to go. We ONLY carry premium quality pruners that have been tested in the field. Need to refurbish your trusty Felco pruner, Corona lopper or Samurai saw? We carry all of the replacement parts and quality sharpeners from Corona and Swisstor too keep your tools in tip-top shape.

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  1. Price: $1.00 - $100.00
  1. Felco (1)
  2. Zenport (9)
  3. Opinel (5)
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  3. $
Country of Origin
  1. Switzerland (1)
  2. Taiwan (1)
  3. Japan (3)
  4. China (8)
  5. USA (1)
  6. France (5)
Warranty Type
  1. Lifetime Limited (12)
  2. Time Limited (7)
Product Features
  1. Use for Propagation (1)
  2. Includes Sheath (2)
  3. Heavy Duty (1)

Japanese Grafting Knife


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Zenport Ring Knife Size 13



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Zenport Mushroom Knife


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Hori Hori Weeder Root Cutter



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