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Henhouse Cottage Size w/Run - AD345

Henhouse Cottage Size w/Run
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Henhouse with Additional Run Makes Hens Happy

Starting out with a couple of hens but want to grow your flock to three or four? This house is perfect for beginners. The addition of the run allows your chickens to wake up and scratch around as early as they please. It will also keep them safe if you come home late or go out of town for the weekend!

Our unique panelized kit design comes with all the hardware you'll need and is easy to assemble with basic tools and carpentry skills.

  • Cottage Hen House perfect for 2-4 hens
  • 100% Predator proof – elevated hen house, heavy duty wire (including the run floor that is covered with soil) and secure latches protect hens from raccoons, coyotes, and foxes
  • Excellent ventilation – wire floor and board construction (not plywood) supports airflow
  • Large chicken run keeps your hens happy and secure
  • Long-lasting rustic character – no paint, plywood, or pressure treated materials that deteriorate over time

  • Multiple doors provide easy access to nesting box, hen house and run

  • Constructed from quality reclaimed redwood that would otherwise be headed to the local dump

Choose between a crescent moon or a heart shape in the coop door.

Width - 33", Length - 10', Height - 54" at peak

  • Item Model Number: AD345
  • Shipping Weight: 165 pounds

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