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Horizon Herbs Organic Hibiscus, or Roselle - SNV7046

Horizon Herbs Organic Hibiscus, or Roselle Horizon Herbs Organic Hibiscus, or Roselle
Herb Spiral

Herb Spiral

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Use Fresh for Jelly, Syrup or Wine or Dried in Herbal Teas

Hibiscus sabdariffa Roselle, Hibiscus Flores, Flor de Jamaica, Red Drops. Perennial. Tropical grown as annual in temperate climates. Papery flower blooms give way to the bright red, fleshy calyces that are used fresh for jelly, syrup or wine or dried in herbal teas where they impart a bright red color and tart flavor.

  • The seeds must be scarified before planting by rubbing on sandpaper or nicking with a knife, just barely breaking through the seed coat and exposing the white endosperm.
  • After scarification, soak seeds overnight in warm water.
  • Barely cover seed, tamp securely and keep very warm and evenly moist until germ. about a week or so.
  • Start seeds early indoors and transplant outdoors after frost.
  • Space plants 1 ft apart in full sun and fertile, fast-draining soils.
Organic. 20 seeds/pkt.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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