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Horizon Herbs Yerba Mansa - SNV7085

Herb Spiral

Herb Spiral

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(Yerba del manso) (Lizard Tail)
Family: Lizard Tail (Saururacea)
Creeping herbaceous perennial. Native to the Southwestern US and California. Hardy to 10 degrees F. Does well in pots. The succulent, ovate leaves give rise to white, sometimes rose-tinged coneflowers. The entire plant smells good--spicy and warm. The tincture of the dried root is used against colds and arthritis. The dried root can be powdered and used as an application against athlete's foot or as a general antiseptic dressing, much like one would use goldenseal root. The plant prefers sodden soils and hot sun, an unusual combination. It is often found in association with geothermal springs, and there is a good wild stand at Jemez springs in NM. As might be expected, the plant is a heat dependent germinator, and high temperatures (up to 100 degrees F) and long germination times (about 3 months) are usually required to get results. I experimented this year pulling apart the sodden, almost moldy seedheads that were bedraggled in the winter rains, and found swollen seeds in them. These I planted in the greenhouse, and they emerged in a few weeks, and indeed gave rise to the plants that we are currently selling in pots. So you see, there's more than one way to skin a lizard tail, so to speak. The plants make multiple upright flowers to 8 inches tall.
Open Pollinated 100 seeds/pkt.


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