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About food mills, crushers & crushers

Grind your own grains into flour with our home grain mill. Process and crush your fruit and make your own juices.

A great addition to the Fruit & Wine Press, the Apple & Fruit Crusher simply crushes apples, pears, or other hard fruits, to prepare them for pressing! Easy to turn handle makes crushing large quantities of fruit quick and easy. Comes with a wooden mounting base. Heavy duty, cast iron construction with a stainless steel chute and hardware. Wood drum with stainless steel crushing blades. Measures 16”x12.8”x18”. Limited 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Family Grain Mill is made in Germany and is of very high quality. It is the best value and most versatile of all grain mills on the market. It is built on a modular system, where you can easily switch the various attachments between either the hand crank base or the 150 watt Bosch motorized base. It has conical, hardened steel burrs that are totally adjustable. You can adjust them just to crack the grain or grind it into a fine flour. The conical steel burrs shear grain without friction, avoiding the heat created by most grain mills thatcan destroy many of flour’s nutrients. And unlike stone grinders (which are made of aluminum oxides that can end up in your flour), steel burrs won’t gum up or glaze, and don’t add grit to your flour. The high carbon steel burrs are long lasting and easily replaceable.The laminated wood hand mill base easily clamps onto a table or counter top(up to 2 1/8 inches thick.) The motorized mill base sits on non-slip rubber feet. The hand operated mill is by far the easiest to turn of all the hand crank units on the market and the motorized grinder is one of the quietest on the market. It’s backed with a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.You can buy the system in stages, as your budget allows: Start with the handbase with the grain mill attachment, then add the flaker mill, the slicer/shredder, the meat grinder, or the motorized unit later.