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About home wine making

You can successfully make your first bottles of wine with the equipment and ingredients on these pages in just a few months, but mastering the process take a lifetime. Start now with our kit and grape concentrates, plant your vines this winter and as they grow, perfect your skills and recipes. Soon making and enjoying your own estate grown wines.

Wine Making 101

  1. Combine: Must (grape or fruit juice), Sugar, Water, Acid Blend, Pectin, & Tannin.
  2. Allow Must solution to sit for 24 hours
  3. Add yeast to the Must solution.
  4. Primary fermentation which is a fast, very bubbly process.
  5. Transfer into an air tight container for secondary fermentation.
  6. Secondary fermentation which is a slower, gentler bubbling.
  7. “Rack” the wine by removing the clear wine from the sediment.
  8. Age the wine in barrels, tanks or buckets.
  9. Bottle and cork the wine.
  10. Bottle age the wine to allow it to develop its flavor potential.

Weston Apple & Fruit Crusher
Weston Apple & Fruit Crusher


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Deluxe Winemaking Kit
Deluxe Winemaking Kit


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