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Microgreens - How To Grow Nature's Own Superfood - BF685



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by Fionna Hill

Microgreens are the first true leaves of herbs and vegetables -- and today's hottest gourmet garnish.

Microgreens is a practical guide to growing arugula and other popular mini-greens that offer a multitude of colors, textures and distinct flavors, as well as high levels of concentrated active compounds.

Microgreens pack a powerful nutritional punch, are easily grown in containers as small as a bowl, and can be ready to harvest in a week, giving quick rewards for the effort.

Fionna Hill offers expert guidance on successfully growing, harvesting, and preparing the 20 most popular microgreens, including arugula, beet, kale, radish, wheatgrass, and basil.

Her comprehensive instructions explain which containers and growing media to use, how to prepare and sow the seeds, when and how to harvest, and how best to store the bounty.

The book also includes 15 easy recipes that make the most of microgreens, including:

Raw energy salad
Spicy Asian salad
Stuffed mushrooms
Curry vinaigrette

Microgreens bring fresh, nutritious, gourmet produce to the dinner table and are an ideal choice for health-conscious home cooks and those following a 50-mile diet.

Softcover. 108 pages. Firefly Books.

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Customer Reviews

Very informative

When I got this book, I didn't realize it wasn't about sprouts! But now I have been informed - microgreens are not the same as sprouts. They are bigger, and require soil. I can't wait to get some going. These are great to grow in limited space, which works well for me since I live in an apartment.

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