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(5 Gallon)

Stimulate Growth and Uptake of Nutrients

Item Number: PSA802


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


Really performs when used in foliar feeding solutions with other nutrients. Humax enhances cell permeability, acts as a source of biologically active carbon for leaf-feeding microbes, increases oxygen availability and reduces the surface tension of spray water (which boosts the effectiveness of foliar pest control sprays, as well as foliar feeds).

  • Humax is applied to soils in water or fertilizer solutions at 32-64 oz/acre to reduce soil compaction and promote root growth. Many growers band it under seeds to enhance germination at 12-24 oz/acre.
  • Rates of 16-32 oz/acre or 1 tbs/gal will stimulate plant growth and increase yields.
  • Rates of 4-16 oz/acre will increase uptake of foliar nutrients, especially Ca, P, Mg and Fe.
  • Humax can also be used at 1 oz/gal as a dip for transplants to stimulate root activity, reduce transplant shock and as a seed soak.
  • Contains 12% humic acid.

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