Water Wisely

It is tempting to water your plants or garden daily during warm weather, but this can result in plants with shallow root systems that are water dependent and unable to cope with drought.

Deep, less frequent watering can result in deep root systems and allows the soil surface to dry between watering. A dry soil surface prevents many fungal diseases from spreading, and discourages moisture-loving pests such as slugs and sow bugs.

Watering requirements should be adjusted throughout the growing season, as warmer temperatures may require more frequent watering; longer, deeper watering -- or both. Be sure to water the entire root zone. Dry, surrounding soil can wick the water away from the plants roots. To retain soil moisture, a thick layer of mulch can be applied around the plants (keeping it slightly away from the plant stems to avoid stem rot).

For mulch suggestions, see our Weed Control section. For further watering ideas, see Drip Irrigation.

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