Garden Soaker Hose

About garden soaker hose: uniform distribution of water

Mr. Soaker Hose is made from 100% recycled materials, here in the USA. Professional Soaker Hose seeps water the entire distance of the hose. Bulk Soaker hose means there are NO fittings on the hose. In turn, you can cut to desired length to create your own custom system. Entirely porous - waters evenly along the entire length of the pipe with only a 10% loss over 250'. Waters plants roots directly - no evaporation or wasted water. Plants can also be fertilized by injecting water soluble fertilizer through the soaker hose. Reduces runoff and the liability of slippery walks and roads Mr. Soaker Hose Professional is UV stabilized - won't freeze in the cold or crack in the sun.

Color coded (Green Stripe) for easy size identification. We carry the green striped professional grade from Mr. Soaker Hose. A soaker hose pressure regulator is mandatory. Burst strength is 8-10 PSI. DO NOT use soaker hose with normal house pressure. Maximum run per length of Mr. Soaker Hose Professional Soaker is 250' with a maximum of 600' per faucet at one time. Soaker should be used on flat surfaces not exceeding a 2' rise over 100'. In freezing climates install an auto drain valve. Gallons per hour, per 100' is approximately 94 gallons per hour, depending on inlet pressure, water hardness. A filter is highly recommended (minimum 150 mesh).